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  • -10/27/09-

    Updated Contact info for Defense Hill Modelers' Association

  • -2/10/09-

    Major updates to the Links pages. Broke out the forums and EZines as well.
    Links Page

    -Clubs Personal R/C & Friends' sites
    and the Bad Links page (if your a mfg you may want to check this page out).

  • -7/28/04-
    Just updated whats left for sale in my RC Airplane Hanger...
    Stuff for sale

    Sorry Folks, things have just been nutty in my life.
    I've been trying to get back into flying for the last couple
    years, but just haven't been able to find the time. We
    all know this happens and flying comes and goes into our
    lifes. I expect to return one day, when circumstances
    permit. In the mean time I'll keep the ol' mailing list running,
    the site up, but somewhat static. I'll update the links as it
    moves me.. but in the mean time enjoy and I have the following
    stuff for sale so it doesnt turn into balsa dust.....

    Click on here for my list of things For Sale:
    Please note... locals only... I'm on Long Island, New York.
    Thank you for your interest in what I have for sale, but
    I will not ship the planes
    . We all know planes were built to fly - not ship. I do not want a buyer to receive a kit, when I originally shipped them a whole-flying plane.
    So you come, you look, you touch, you like, you buy...

To my wife and daughter
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