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Articles and such that have either been found on the web, contributed or is club information.
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I'm a real airplane pilot, so I can fly a model, right?

Unfortunately, no. The aerodynamic knowledge acquired by full scale pilots also applies to RC models and is very helpful. But, flying from the ground with an outside view of the model requires learning a new set of eye-hand coordination skills.

Can I buy a used model and equipment to learn on?

Maybe. Like buying a used car, you may be buying someone's troubles. Buy used only if you can be sure it is the right kind of equipment and is in good condition.

How long will it take to learn to fly?

It is hard to say. It is kind of like asking how long it takes to learn to play golf. How long it will take to fly solo varies greatly with each student, the correctness of their equipment, and how often they get to fly. A ball park estimate for a person with a good primary trainer that gets 3 or 4 flights with an instructor 3 or 4 times a week, might be a month. It also takes some luck along the way to catch good weather, find an instructor available each time, and have no problems with the model and engine, etc. Two or three months is more likely.

You need "good" equipment to learn. Tinkering with a poorly running engine takes time and doesn't contribute to your flying skill. Flying a secondary, or intermediate trainer instead of a primary trainer will increase your time to solo, and require that you be dependent on instructors longer.

FAQ's answered by Ron Lockhart

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